Dec 5, 2017

8th Generation Intel Core i7 8700K Price in India

Coffee Lake is the codename for 8th Generation Intel Core Processors. Socket is based on 1151. 8th Generation CPUs work only on motherboards that support Intel 300 Series Chipsets. Core i7 8700K is a 6 Core Processor having 12 threads. Clock rate is 3.7 GHz and up to 4.70 GHz when on Max Turbo Frequency, consists of 12MB Cache.  Intel Optane Memory is supported, Graphic is Intel UHD Graphics 630. TDP is rated at 95W.

Price in India for Core i7 8700K is currently at 32,500Rs.

Dec 26, 2015

Is Sam Fisher a Ninja?

Two guys were discussing about Ninjas in Hokkaido, When Sam Fisher interrogates one of these guy he calls Sam Fisher a Ninja! A Real Live Ninja!

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